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Choosing an experienced, trained and trusted photographer is very important, especially in this daunting times.

The safety of your precious baby should be of the utmost importance when selecting a Newborn Photographer. That’s the reason why I have invested so much in trainings aside from acquiring high quality Photography gears that are safe for your precious baby.  I am committed to continuously learn and enhance my skills not just through experience but by regularly attending workshops and being affiliated by Newborn Photography groups in the Philippines.


Don't compromise the safety of your baby. Anyone can be a photographer, but not all can be a NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER. It takes time, effort, trainings, experience, patience and passion to be one. If you want a worry-free newborn photography session, book SAM today.


  • Newborn Photography Philippines Academy (NPPA)

  • Philippine Newborn and Baby Photographers of the 

        Philippines (PNBPP)


  • Basic Newborn Photography Workshop - Manila | April 28, 2019

  • Baby First Aid & Safety Workshop - Manila | June 22, 2019

  • Newborn Photography by Jade's Master Class (International Newborn Photographer) - Manila | Feb 19, 2020

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