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Newborn Session Workflow

At Sam Orlanes Photography, we specialize in capturing the beauty and innocence of a newborn baby’s first days. We believe that these moments are precious and should be preserved in a timeless and classic way. We offer professional newborn photography services to parents wanting to capture those first moments of their little ones.

Our style is minimalist and classic, capturing the beauty and innocence of newborn babies. We also work with our clients to bring in props and collaborate on themed-sessions to create unique and special memories for them. We are passionate about what we do and strive to create beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime.

To help you choose baby's sets, please use this workflow guide:


1st: Potato Sack Pose

The Potato Sack Pose is a timeless classic shot to capture the beauty of your newborn. We use a variety of wraps and faux furs to ensure the baby is securely and comfortably held in the pose. With this pose, we can capture your newborn in the upright position, side lying, top, and angled shot poses. We recommend this pose for baby less than 2 months old. At our studio, we understand that babies love to be swaddled, so we always start with wrap sets in our workflow.

2nd: Prop Wrap Pose

Our Prop Wrap Pose is perfect for capturing a newborn's first moments. The baby is still wrapped in a swaddle, but this time, he/she is placed in a box, basket, wood bowl, or bed to add a unique touch. We have a variety of backdrops on hand to choose from, including plain, textured abstract, wood prints, scenery, and floral backdrops. This pose allows us to capture those special moments and create beautiful, timeless art.


3rd: Bucket Pose

On our bucket pose, your baby is carefully and safely posed inside the bucket to create beautiful and unique photos. To achieve a successful bucket pose, it is important that your baby is deeply asleep, and this pose may not be applicable to awake and fussy babies. If your baby won't settle, we can provide an alternative set instead.

4th-5th: Bed/Chair/Prop Pose

Our bed/chair/prop poses are a fantastic way to capture your baby's cuteness! We use a variety of props, baskets, posing chairs and beds to create beautiful and creative images of your newborn. We can dress your baby in a variety of outfits, or if they're feeling a little fussy, we can pose them naked. We then use playful setups to capture your little one looking adorable, awake or asleep.


6th: Blanket Pose

Blanket pose (a.k.a beanbag/table pose) is one of our most popular sets (and my personal favorite)! This set is perfect for capturing the softness and innocence of your newborn. We focus on capturing the details of your baby's face and features with minimal to no props, creating timeless memories of your little one. We offer these poses both on a naked pose or with an outfit if baby is settled.

Family Portraits

The first days of your baby's life are full of wonderment. Give your family a beautiful, vibrant, and lasting memento.


We understand that each baby is unique and that's why we offer a session flow designed to be flexible according to the baby's mood and cooperation. We always strive to achieve the best poses and shots for your little one and family. Also, it is very important to entrust your baby to someone who is trained and experienced, as there are poses that are dangerous if done by an untrained and inexperienced photographer. That’s why I invested a lot on trainings and workshops to ensure I have the knowledge and skills to provide a safe and professional newborn photography service.

We believe that AGE DOES MATTER when it comes to newborn photography, which is why we recommend scheduling your session between 5-14 days old. During this time, babies still have that womb-like behavior and are able to achieve the best newborn poses.  Don't miss out on this one-time chance to have your baby's early days captured in stunning photographs.


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