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How to Prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

  • FEED YOUR BABY right before the session. A full belly helps a baby stay sleepy for their shoot. Hungry babies wake up often and crying. Try to also keep the baby awake 1-2 hours prior to the session so that they may sleep during the shoot. A sleeping baby is the most important factor for a successful newborn session.

  • AGE MATTERS. Best newborn poses are captured within 5-12 days old. Babies at this age will treat you to cosy, sleepy, curled up poses. Older newborn babies, on the other hand, are more aware, interactive and expressive. They can be cooperative but sometimes grumpy. Outcome of the shoot would still depend on baby's mood.

  • BABY CLOTHES & NECESSITIES: To ensure baby doesn’t get disturbed while being unclothed, he/she must wear clothes that can easily be removed. Peeing and pooping is very common in every newborn session that's why it is important to bring extra diapers. If baby is formula-fed, bring sufficient milk because milk breaks are very common in every session. You can also bring pacifier if your baby uses one.

  • LIMIT NUMBER OF GUESTS. When coming to the studio, it is important to limit number of guest / audience so that the photographer can fully concentrate on the shoot. If you are bringing along grand parents, they should be briefed ahead on what's going to happen. There are grand parents who are overprotective of their grand child and they might find some poses dangerous in their viewpoint since they're not used to seeing it.

  • ARRIVE ON TIME. In consideration to the photographer's next appointment, it is very important for clients to arrive on time. Average newborn session takes 1.5 - 2 hours. On rare cases, when baby is grumpy, session can reach 3 hours.

  • WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. During a newborn session, the room will be heated to a temperature that makes it possible to pose newborn without clothes. Please be aware of the heat of the session and dress accordingly.

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