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Importance of Hiring a Trained and Experienced Newborn Photographer

When choosing a Newborn Photographer, I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire someone who is trained and experienced. Anyone can be a photographer, but not all can be a NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER.

It's not just about the cute setup, it's about knowing how to handle your baby the safest way. From soothing to knowing their cues, proper posing and having a baby spotter during the entire shoot. Newborn poses are very cute but it can be dangerous if babies are not posed and handled properly.

Newborn babies have around 305 bones. A baby's skeleton is mostly made up of cartilage. Thus, careful newborn handling is very important. Some new parents and photographers also try to copy complicated newborn poses they see online without realizing its dangers.

Froggy pose

The popular froggy pose is only safely achieved by taking two different shots with the baby supported, then combining it together - a.k.a composite photograph.

So, will you entrust your baby to someone who is inexperienced or to someone who's experienced and trained?

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