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Newborn Photography by Jade's Masterclass Workshop 2020

When I was starting as a Newborn Photographer, I always look up to the following internationally renowned Newborn Photographers: Kelly Brown, Ana Brandt, Kath V and Jade Gao.

When I learned that Jade Gao is coming to Manila Philippines to conduct a Masterclass workshop, I did not think twice and immediately booked a slot. Aside from self-learning, it is also important for Newborn Photographers like me to join workshops. It's really amazing when you get to learn new things from others, especially from trainers who are internationally renowned.

Jade Gao is a Sydney-based Newborn Photographer.

Jade Gao's Newborn Photography Masterclass workshop covers the following: advanced transitioning, studio light mastering, tips and tricks using different props, understanding white balance, learn multiple compositions from your props and getting the best angles, beanbag posing and transitioning, wrapping styles, settling babies, session styling, post production and editing, among others...

Since I live in Cebu, I really don't mind going to Manila to join workshops because I find it very important as a Newborn Photographer. Jade's workshop was my third workshop in Manila. My first two workshops are: Basic Newborn Photography Workshop & Baby First Aid & Safety Workshop. I am handling newborns that's why I need to be very knowledgeable with what I am doing to ensure baby's safety.

Jade's workshop was held last February 19, 2020 at The Stork Studio, Unit 210 Milelong Building Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village Makati City Philippines.

It was a day full of learning and priceless experience. I am so overwhelmed with all the knowledge, techniques and processes Jade taught us. She's really one of a kind and a master of her craft. These are some of the things I learned from the workshop that I find very essential to my newborn sessions:

1. Photoshoot Sequence. Before joining the workshop, I only offer 2 sets on my newborn session package (1 wrap and 1 outfit set). After joining the workshop, I immediately applied the things I learned and was able to achieve 4-6 sets! The difference between my old and new process is I no longer include the 'outfit set' because once you put clothes/outfit on the baby, it'll startle and wake him/her up. Once baby is awake, it'll be hard to execute most of the sets. Though I still offer outfit sets but it's only applicable to older babies.

2. Potato sack pose. I've been doing potato sack poses even before the workshop but Jade showed us helpful techniques on how to execute it flawlessly without compromising baby's safety.

2. Bucket pose. Jade showed us how to prepare the bucket for the Bucket pose. She also showed the techniques on how to properly pose the baby inside the bucket.

3. Soothing & keeping baby asleep. I also learned from the workshop the techniques on how soothe and keep baby asleep and it really works most of the time, though I still encounter babies who are very hard to soothe. Well, every baby is unique. It is also important to remind parents on how to prepare their baby before the session. Related: How to Prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

4. Cute wrapping styles. She showed some wrapping style techniques which I immediately applied to my newborn sessions. Here's my sample works.

4. Beanbag posing. I've been using bean bags for quite sometime and Jade demonstrated some techniques on how to easily maneuver babies using stuffs that you put under the sheets. I always use posing beans (pillows) everytime I use a bean bag but I never thought a simple bowl can help a lot in posing newborns!

5. Post production and editing. Jade showed us her process in post production and editing and I can say that we have different approach when it comes to editing. I believe we've established a good process already at Sam Orlanes Photography but it's always nice to see how other photographers do their editing. Editing is definitely a tedious job. Our job as a photographer doesn't end after the shoot. Editing is very important in newborn photography that's why we give clients a lead time of two weeks. On an average, we finish 2-3 newborn portfolios per day. We see to it that every photo is meticulously retouched. Unwanted rashes and skin imperfections are also corrected.

Aside from the above-mentioned key points, Jade also shared to us the ideal room/studio requirement for Newborn Session. Glad my studio is able to hit all the checklist!

1. Low ceiling height

2. White Walls / Gray flooring

3. No natural light

That's why I always recommend studio session to my clients if possible because there are factors that can affect the photos once we do the session on different locations. Example: Dark or bright colored walls will bounce back leaving undesirable color shadows to the photo. Locations with natural light can also interfere with the studio lighting

Then, we got our Certificates right after the workshop. Of course, photo-op with Jade is a must!

I also had a photo-op with Sofia Genato, the woman behind The Stork Studio. She has photographed lots of celebrity babies like Scarlet Snow Belo and also the babies of Marian and Dingdong Dantes, Iya Villania, and many more.

It is very important for newborn photographers like me to keep on learning and to always come up with new ideas and approach in every newborn session. Looking forward to attend more workshops soon!

Message us to learn more.

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