Highly recommended. He handled our little one very well and the photos are just too cute!

I highly recommend sir Sam for taking the precious photos of your angel 😇 very professional and you can be assured that your baby is well taken care of. All the pictures are worth it! 😍

Highly recommended.. very flexible with the mood of your little one..worth it ang payment kay it will take a lot of shoots.. he shoot my little one from newborn-prebday..👍🥰

Highly recommended! very professional, approachable and he ensures the safety of our baby. ♥️ Sir Sam, thank you for being Cassiel's photographer. We are so happy that we get to know you. From newborn photoshoot to our baptism. Salamat kaau. manganad mi ani! hahaa ♥️

Sam you made the whole family happy seeing our baby's pictures. Thanks so much!

highly recommended and worth it! he is also approachable and very professional in handling the infants.

He’s really good in handling my baby and we really love the photos 😀

Thank you sir for our wonderful photos. Beautiful keepsakes indeed. 💕

Highly recommended and worth the penny!👌🏽 We arrived late on our scheduled time but yet Sam was very patient with my little one. Baby was awake and fussy during the shoot but Sam handled her gently and patiently. Satisfied with the service and output of the pictures.💕

Mr. Sam was an expert in handling my newborn during the photo session. He sang budots with his cousin while lulling my baby back to sleep. Haha. His humor and expertise makes a great combination. Photos were very cute and nice. Highly recommended!

Really a certified babytographer! Nice pics too 😀

Thank you Sam for the lovely photos of my baby girl. They're all great! We all love it!!! Kudos!!! I already recommend you to my friends who wanted to have a photoshoot not only for newborn. Again thank you and I'm one of your satisfied customers😁

If you’re looking for someone with great skills, humor, and will take care of you all throughout the session, choose Sam. He will not just capture every moment perfectly but puts his passion in it. Thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us. May God bless you in all your ways.

Thank you very much SOP for a very successful photoshoot last July with our unico hijo at 2weeks old. It was so challenging yet your team were able to handle it smoothly and professionally. Highly recommended.

I don't regret choosing Sam to shoot my maternity photos. He's been very professional and great with his craft. I was so delighted with the output and can't wait for him to do the newborn session soon with our baby.

Awesome output. Highly recommendable!😍

My family and I had a very nice experience with Sam when he did my 2nd child’s new born photoshoot at our home. I admire his professionalism, kindness and most especially his patience handling my little one. I also love the props and set up he’s using. I would highly recommend Sam to my friends and family. I can’t wait to have another photo session with Sam Orlanes Photography again. God bless you, Sam!❤️

Before the photo session, I thought it will be chaotic but during the session, oh gosh Sam and his assistant was so calm in every move they made. From the preparation of the props and preparation for the actual photo capturing, everything was at eased. Sam handle the baby carefully and gently. I never regret choosing Sam.

The photo shoot with my baby Shanali was completely relaxed and at ease. Sam's demeanor when handling my baby was incredible. I was worried she'd be fussy and crying the whole time but he took such great care of her. The images were stunning and captured perfectly. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a newborn photography!

Unknowingly he's my kababayan.. 😊 He's good and professional on what he does! Thanks for coming all the way at our place. 😍 He surely gives quality photos. 👌

Sam is very professional. He has good customer service. 👌 What I like most about Sam is that he surprised me by how he handled, with much patience and care, my newborn and my toddler. Plus, sanitation was prioritized. 👍 I recommend him for newborn-toddler shoots. 👏

Highly recommended. Very humble and kindhearted photographer. We were not able to come on the scheduled time yet Sir Sam showed us his excitement to shoot Baby JaiJai. Chadaaa, the photos were superb. Thank you so much Sir. ❤️

Sir Sam does not only capture beautiful photos but he also captures the heart of a Parent. Amazing work of art. Very Talented, Creative and Patient. Job well done sir! I'm looking forward to my daughter's next photoshoot. 💙

We are very happy with the results. Sam is very patient with our son and creative in any circumstances. We did not expect much but everything turns out to be perfect. We loved it and will surely recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you again and see you on the baptism of my son. 😍😍😍

I am so satisfied with the result! Sam carefully handled my baby with patience and creativity. He met my expectation for this shoot. Thank you so much Sam. 😘😘😘😘

Diva Jean Revantad

18 May 2019

My husband and I are more than happy with the results. Sam not only considered my preference but also accomodated my requests. My girls were beautifully captured in the pictures considering how difficult it is to handle toddlers and a newborn. Highly recommended!

Good quality shots and a very creative photographer. Excellent service indeed!
Highly recommended 👍👍👍