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We Tried Virtual Maternity Photo Shoot and it was a Success!

We came across some Youtube videos of people doing virtual photo sessions. Most of them are doing video call photo sessions using Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc... and the photographer is taking photographs, though screenshots! I find it really interesting that's why searched for other ways on how to do virtual / online photography aside from taking screenshots.

Check out our first ever VIRTUAL MATERNITY PHOTO SESSION 💖 Since the photos were taken during a video call (we used Skype), quality is different from the usual face to face photo session. But the good thing is you can come up with so many wonderful ideas when doing this kind of session without leaving your house especially during this time.

It's definitely a fun and unique experience that you should try. It may not be as hi-res as the regular photographs that we take but this kind of photo session is going to be very memorable since it is uniquely taken during the time of Pandemic.

What are your thoughts about this latest photography trend? Will this be considered as the "NEW NORMAL" in Photography? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Here's the BTS

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