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Different Newborn Photography Poses & Styles


While there are so many newborn pose and styles over the internet, I choose to stick to the basic, clean, minimalist, and timeless style of Newborn Photography. We don't do themed-sessions for newborn photography. Anyway, we can do themed-sessions during Pre-birthday Shoot. We just don't want too many stuffs in one photo that would go beyond the main subject, which is your baby. You can suggest colors that you love and we'll start from there.


We use generic / themeless props most of the time. We have lots of stuffs in our studio that we can mix-and-match to create a lovely setup: from accent props to backdrops. Outfits can be cute but I usually don't let newborns wear outfit during the session because changing outfits can startle and wake them up and when that happens, some poses can no longer be achieved. After all, our goal is to be able to achieve many poses possible without waking the baby up. I only use outfits if baby is sleepy still and not fussy/irritable. Client is responsible for bringing any additional props that they would like in their photos, especially if they wanted a unique setup for the baby.

This is our workflow:

1. Potato Sack Pose

This is our first mandatory set. The Potato Sack Pose is where the baby is securely wrapped, placed on a faux fur, and positioned upright then followed by side lying, top and angled shot poses. The upright position is applicable only to baby less than 1 month old. Success rate for this set is 100% since babies, no matter how fussy they are, loves to be swaddled so this is a mandatory set on our workflow. Our on-hand faux fur colors: white, brown, gray, turquoise, pink, peach.

2. Prop Wrap Pose

Baby is still wrapped but this time, he/she is placed in a box, basket, wood bowl, bed , or bucket. We have so many backdrops on hand too. We have plain, textured abstract, wood prints, scenery, and floral backdrops.

3. Bed or Chair / Bucket / Bean bag Pose

The bed or chair pose is where the baby is posed on the bed or on a posing chair or papasan chair. Baby is usually naked during this set but if baby is not fussy, we can try putting on outfit that matches the setup.

The bucket pose is where the baby is safely posed inside the bucket. However, this pose is not applicable to awake babies. Deep sleep is key to achieve a successful bucket pose. If you initially picked this set and baby won't sleep during the last part of the session, then we need to do an alternative set instead.

The bean bag pose is the considered the most classic/minimalist/elegant look in newborn photography. What I love about bean bag is that fully highlights your baby. There are so many poses that can be achieved using bean bag too especially if baby is in deep sleep.


There are babies that doesn't like certain poses. Thus, the poses that you see on my portfolio and online are not guaranteed for all. While there are so many lovely newborn poses, it is very important to entrust your baby to someone who is trained and experienced. There are poses that are dangerous if done by an untrained and inexperienced photographer. That's why I invested a lot on trainings and workshops to ensure I am fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve different newborn poses without harming your precious baby.

AGE MATTERS: Best time to do newborn session is between 5-12 days old. At this age, babies still have that magical womb-like behavior. They are still flexible enough to do certain poses and they easily fall back to sleep. Best newborn poses are achieved when baby is sleeping. With only a window of few days, you only have ONE chance to have the best newborn poses captured. Our Newborn Photography session is for newborns up to 6 weeks only. We don't shoot 6 weeks-3 months since that age is the most difficult to handle. However, we accept 3 months - 9 months (tummy time / sitter sessions).

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